The Best Flowers for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, so it’s a great time to start thinking about the Mother's Day flowers you’re going to purchase for your loving mom! There are many amazing flowers and arrangements bound to put a smile on your mom’s face, so read on for some suggestions, as well as the best gifts to pair with your bouquet!


The Best Spring Flowers to Gift for Mother's Day

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You have plenty of options when it comes to spring flowers to give your mom for Mother's Day. Here are our top suggestions:


Roses have become a highly popular choice included in Mother’s Day bouquets in recent years. This is because they are elegant and fragrant, and bring an element of luxury to any home. Roses are certainly a special celebration flower, and many people love them! Unsure of what color to get? A lighter red or deep pink color denotes gratitude and appreciation. White roses are associated with purity and brightness, so they may also be suitable as well.


The carnation has a variety of different meanings, and it is the most popular flower to give on Mother’s Day. Mother's Day and carnations go hand in hand! Pink carnations are the most significant flowers for Mother's Day. This is because it is believed that they first bloomed in the spot the tears of the Virgin Mary fell, which turned them into the symbol for a Mother’s unconditional love. However, white carnations also make a great choice. They symbolize the virtues of motherhood, love, charity, and beauty. Some also say that a red carnation signifies respect for a living mother, while a white carnation can be worn for a late mother.


Gerbera daisies are perfect for this occasion, with red and pink ones being the most popular for Mother's Day. Red gerberas represent love, while pink conveys admiration and gratitude. These flowers have the ability to bring joy whenever you look at them, so they will be sure to please your mother if you include them in her arrangement.


Lilies are expressive flowers; big, beautiful, and bring plenty of happiness into the home space. These flowers are luxurious, and will show your mom how much you value and love her.


Orchids can make a tasteful and thoughtful gift for your Mother for Mother’s Day. In China, these flowers symbolize integrity, elegance, and friendship. The orchid can be given to your mother, mother-in-law, wife, aunt, or another special lady in your life for this occasion. The great thing about orchids is that they tend to last a long time. They have staying power, and this can be yet another symbol for a mother’s love. Expect the orchid to bloom for weeks, or even months after Mother’s Day.


The tulip is the flower used to symbolize spring and new life, making them a particularly marvelous gift for new mothers. Yellow tulips express joy and excitement and red tulips express passion, making them perfect for your wife on Mother’s Day. Pink tulips are also beautiful and make for an adorable arrangement from child to parent.

Gifts to pair with your Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

Many people like to treat their mother to Mother's Day gifts alongside a beautiful bouquet. This is their day, after all, and they deserve the world! The gifts you give will depend on your budget, but there are many thoughtful routes you could take.

A Special Handwritten Card

A handwritten Mother's Day card will look thoughtful and make a great keepsake. Let them know how much you appreciate everything they have done for you!

Chocolates and Sweet Treats

Chocolates are always the perfect accompaniment to a stunning flower arrangement.

A Book

A book, whether a fiction novel or a beautiful coffee table book full of inspiring quotes, could be perfect for the avid reader.

Lounge Wear

Pajamas, slippers, and other loungewear can ensure your mom feels amazing as she has some well-deserved relaxation time.

A Gift Basket

A gift basket containing her favorite snacks, accessories, and vouchers will keep her smiling for weeks on end.

An Adventure or Explore Day

If your mom prefers experiences over material items, then the gift of adventure is the perfect choice. Why not go and explore somewhere new together, and have an incredible bonding experience you’ll both remember forever? If your mom is more of a thrill seeker, then a skydive could be just the ticket!

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